Apologetic Overkill 'Em All

When I first became a believer, I wanted to learn as much about God as possible. I wanted to equip myself with knowledge to explain the Christian faith. I wanted to be prepared for anything.

So, like any overzealous maniac, I dove face-first into Christian apologetics. I stopped drowning myself in bourbon and started overdosing on what was basically how to argue with people.

Studying apologetics isn't a bad thing, but it had pulled me away from the child-like faith that freed my spirit. In his book Desiring God, John Piper calls this "apologetic overkill."

I was so tied up in learning God that I neglected knowing God. I let my desire for evidence of God overshadow my spiritual pursuit of Him.

In Romans 1:20, Paul says that nature itself is proof of God's existence. Sure, that's hard to digest for people who don't trust what the Bible says, but I do.

The beauty of nature provokes a response from our bodies that brings us peace. It's not just seeing a pretty landscape that allows us to identify God's presence; it's ingesting God's creations and allowing it's influence on us.

That's how God can remind us that He's in our immediate presence. And it's one of countless ways that God has revealed His personal companionship to me.

Seek God in nature; in His creations. Don't get so tied up in finding an argument for God's reality that it keeps you distant from God Himself.


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