God-Endorsed Violence.

"We must pray violently." - Matt Chandler

If there were ever a pastor who can shed light on things from every angle, it's Matt Chandler. The above quote is from one of his sermons regarding prayer for spiritual peace from dark forces.

Everyone is involved in a spiritual war between good and evil (also referred to as light/ darkness, heaven/ hell, positive/ negative, holy/ unholy, etc.).

Followers of Jesus acknowledge this war. We actively fight this war in pursuit of holiness. We meditate on Scripture and pray against evil thoughts and false idols. Unfortunately, our enemy is strong, manipulative and extremely cunning.

It's a battle that lasts our entire lives. It never gets easy and it can be severely draining. Prayers can, and should, take a violent turn when we're fighting our battles.

  • "God I pray you destroy these thoughts in my head."

  • "God give me the weapons to annihilate this depression."

  • "God guide me into battle with a violent zeal that only You can provide."

  • "God sharpen my sword so I can kill what lurks in the darkness."

It's a spiritual violence that yields amazing rewards.

Staying in prayer to fight a non-stop battle is hard with our lives as busy as they are. So how do we continue fighting outside of violent prayer? Scripture.

"[Take] the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God." - Ephesians 6:17

In the sixth chapter of Ephesians, Paul gives an awesome description of our spiritual armor from head to toe (commonly referred to as "The Whole Armor Of God). It describes the Word of God as "The Sword of the Spirit."

Of all the mentioned pieces of armor in this passage, the sword is the only one that's both defensive and offensive. The other pieces of armor only protect us from enemies, but the sword allows us to fight back.

Scripture is our weapon. That's why it's crucial that we take it in as often as we can. When we memorize God's word, we're carrying the Weapon with us at all times. This makes it so we're equipped to fight even when there's no Bible present.

This battle can only be conquered with God by our side. Let's raise our hands to Him so he can cloak us in grace and drive us to fight more vigilantly.

Always pray. Always read. Always stay on guard. Keep your blade sharp and your prayers violent.

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