Perplexity Poser

When I first came to Christ, I was eager to learn as much about Him as fast as I could. I wanted to let people know of the amazing things I was experiencing and I wanted them to experience them too.

In my research and reading, I discovered really hard-hitting questions that I couldn't answer. How was I supposed to approach this?

Since then, I've read books and listened to many podcasts and sermons that touch on these issues. I want to be equipped for any hard-hitting questions that anyone dares to throw at me.

While these resources are helpful, I still found myself running into questions that I just couldn't find satisfactory answers to. That didn't sit well with me. Not at first, anyway.

I had this fear of looking dumb. Like I'd be completely exposed as some kind of fool if someone asked a question that I couldn't answer. How would I respond in such a situation?

I've come to realize that there's a spiritual beauty in the questions about God that we can't answer. The longing for the answers is oddly motivating to continue seeking God.

We don't need to have all the answers. Our goal is to seek Him fervently and trust in His sovereignty. When we're asked a tough question, we can respond positively and honestly confess that we don't have an answer.

We can then search for an answer to help us better understand how God works. If we can't find an answer, we'll pray about it. Ask God to give us comfort in not knowing the things we don't necessarily need to know in the first place.

It's also vital that we don't let these questions shake our faith. God can provide a lifetime and beyond full of grace and love. For us to have that compromised over one question places us in a category of weak believers.

Besides, if one answerless question is expected to turn us away from our faith, then there can be no such thing as an atheist. There are innumerably more questions that can't be answered about evolution than there are about creation.

After all, evolution, as well as almost all studies conducted on what lies outside of our planet, are only theory. Science can't prove them. But that's a different topic for a different day.

Let's be motivated and encouraged when we come across these tough questions. Let's continue to praise our God and understand that we just don't need all the answers.

We're commissioned, not to answer every question, but to speak of the amazing work of the gospel.

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