Scream At The Sky

Some of the most motivating and refreshing words I've heard. I tend to get so caught up in "being a bad person" that I allow myself to think that I'm never good enough for God.

The fact is, we'll never be good enough for God. Luckily, we don't have to be. God became flesh and was crucified so that we can know Him even through the screen that is our sin.

Our sins were forgiven before they even occurred. Does this warrant us to do whatever we want and live in sin? Not at all. The Holy Spirit uses us as it's vessel to drive out sinful urges.

One of the best ways this happens is through confession. Confession is such a "religious" word. It can sometimes make us cringe. It has such a stigma about it that the word itself tends to drive us away from participating in it.

Let's not overlook how important confession is. It's a conversation between you and your Creator about what needs to be fixed in your own life. That's it. It's telling God what He already knows.

There's something spiritually fascinating about confessing out loud our sins to God. It exposes the sin in our lives that we didn't know existed. What starts off as a confession of one sin can turn into a confession of many.

By the end of the prayer, God is shining his light on a mountain of sin we never would have acknowledged had we not gone to Him in prayer.

Don't perceive this as a bad thing. It's quite the opposite. God reveals to us what we clearly needed to know. He can then work in us and through us to extinguish those fires.

Here are a few suggestions that may help. Be very specific in the matters that apply to your own life. When you're available to be alone with God, pray out loud and begin a prayer that sounds something like this:

  • "God, forgive me for having violent thoughts about __________."

  • "God, forgive me for thinking sexually about __________."

  • "God, forgive me for stealing __________ from my job."

  • "God, forgive me for looking at __________ on the internet."

  • "God, forgive me for allowing life to get so busy that I neglect my relationship with You."

Why are we asking for forgiveness if we've already been forgiven? That's a very common question. Before you seek an answer to that question, try praying and confessing. We'll let God show us first-hand exactly why we're praying for what's already been forgiven.

Confessing will fortify our relationship with God. It will open doors for God to remind us why He loves us. It will remind us that God is merciful and He truly is more interested in a relationship with us than He is with what we've done wrong.

Pray hard and pray happy.

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