The Nothing From Nowhere

In Genesis chapter 24, Abraham sends his servant to his birthplace to find a wife for his son Isaac. The servant is obedient and he travels with camels and gifts to find Isaac a wife.

Abraham's servant prays to God for guidance on his journey. He approaches his duties to honor Abraham with a God-focused drive. God acts fast and works directly alongside Abraham's servant and blesses him with immediate answers to prayer.

I love this story. Abraham's servant is faithful to God and obedient to Abraham. He wants nothing more than to please Abraham and carry out his mission from God.

What was Abraham's servant's name? Scripture doesn't say. This man, who is perceivably so inadequate that Moses (the writer of Genesis) doesn't bother mentioning his name. Yet this servant is being used by God to grow the family of Abraham, the father of our faith.

In much the same way, God can use us to carry out extraordinary purpose. No matter how insufficient we feel, God can steer us to make big things happen. Things that will cause a ripple effect that will continue forever.

God has a purpose for you.

It's become sort of a cliche thrown around by lukewarm "Pinterest Christians" but it holds a lot of weight. God really did create each of us individually for a very specific purpose. One of my favorite parts of life is running to God and finding out what that purpose specifically is.

We can all start uncovering God's plan for us by learning the teachings of the apostles and carrying the torch from there. While our specific purposes may vary, the core of all of them is to live out the gospel. Let's go live out the gospel.

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