The Worry Of Being Worry-Free

"Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you;" - Psalm 55:22

Handing my worries and fears to God is such an easy thing to talk about. It's so easy to encourage other people to do it. The idea sounds so spiritual when I talk about it.

But actually following through with casting my burdens sometimes seems impossible. I hang onto everything, partially if not completely.

I'll submit my burdens to the Lord but I'll hang on to just a thread there at the end. Just that one idea that keeps me up and night or makes me anxious.

It sometimes seems like a hobby for me to find something to worry about. Almost as if I'll get worried if there's nothing to worry about. A "to good to be true" circumstance.

For me to not fully cast my burdens to the Lord is for me to assume that I can handle it better. I'm subconsciously telling myself that God doesn't know what's best for the situation.

That if I take charge of the situation, the outcome will be more beneficial than if I were to submit it to God for Him to take care of. This train of thought sounds comically outrageous but it's a trap that I fall into way too often.

Even as I type this, I have financial concerns that I'm having trouble submitting to God.

But please be encouraged. Find time to spend alone with God. Speak out loud when you talk to Him. Tell Him everything that burdens your heart. Everything about your future that you unsure of.

Confess out loud everything that makes you uneasy. Once you release everything to God, sit still and wait. Close your eyes, stretch out your hands, and wait. Comfort is on the way.

Submitting our burdens to God doesn't mean that they'll go away immediately (or ever, for that matter). However, God will undoubtedly cast His warm comfort on you as a reminder that He is enough.

  • When we worry about money, God will remind us that He alone comforts us, not money.

  • When panic about our future, God will remind us that He is in control of our future. We don't have to be; nor should we be in control.

  • When we're anxious about being a better spouse or parent, God will remind us that He is the premiere example of what the ideal spouse or parent looks like. When we follow Him, He'll use us as a vessel to be a better spouse or parent.

Let's filter out everything that makes us worry and focus on the Creator Himself. He is enough.

It's been a pleasure typing this for you. I hope it encourages you to be alone with God and submit to Him everything. Now I'm going to take my own advice.

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