"You're Only Sorry 'Cause You Got Caught!"

I'm guilty of thinking this when peoples' misdeeds are exposed. My mind naturally thinks "If they didn't get caught, they would have just kept doing wrong."

Having that mentality is severely toxic to our spirits. It exposes the accuser's unwillingness to forgive the accused. Now you've got two exposed blame-shifters enduring an equal amount of spiritual damage. That's a recipe for two closed hearts.

When someone wrongs you, calling it "hard" to approach them with forgiving love is an understatement. Especially when it's someone close.

Starting in Matthew 18:15, Jesus gives specific instruction to His disciples on how to approach someone who has done them wrong. Peter then comes to Jesus and asks specifically how many times he should forgive someone who has wronged him.

Jesus answers Peter's question with "seventy-seven times." While His response is puzzlingly specific, there's a critical lesson to be learned here:

Unless you begrudgingly keep count, forgive always.

In Luke 23:34, the very first words Christ spoke after being crucified were "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Given the context and circumstances, this one verse packs so much power!

Jesus was tortured and beaten, then forced to carry the cross to which he'd be nailed. Even still, the first thought in Jesus' mind after he was nailed to the cross involved freeing His adversaries from their own spiritual bondage. This makes the circuits of my soul explode with a desire to be more Christ-like.

To follow Christ is to forgive always.


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